Military Families

  • The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children is an agreement among states to provide uniform treatment for military children moving to new school districts. It can be difficult for families to move when it means a different school district and state, which have varying curricula, standards and requirements.  All of which create obstacles, the Interstate Compact was designed to help eliminate some of those roadblocks. The intent is to ensure that children are enrolled immediately in their new school and placed in appropriate academic programs. 

    Some of the specific provisions include:

    • Enrollment
      • Schools should accept unofficial or hand-carried records when enrolling new students, rather than waiting to receive an official transcript from the previous school.
    • Placement
      • If a child was receiving special education services at the old school, the new school should place the child in a comparable program. The new school may conduct its own evaluation later to ensure that the student is appropriately placed.
    • Attendance
      • Districts should allow children to miss school to attend deployment-related activities.
    • Eligibility
      • Students should be able to continue at the grade level in which they were enrolled in their previous school, regardless of age.

    Seeley Union School District strives to assist all Military families.