• When is the first day of school this year?
    SUSD is excited to welcome all students back on campus on Monday, August 23, 2021. The first day of school will be a minimum day with students excused at 12:30pm. A bell schedule has been posted on our website for your convenience.
    Is registration required for all students, even those who attended last year?
    Yes, every student must register, every year. Students will receive a packet the first day of school. All forms must be returned no later than Friday, August 27, 2021. 
    What steps has SUSD taken to ensure my child’s safety when they return to school.
    The District has invested state and federal funds to enhance our safety program, including, but not limited to:
    · Additional pupil supervisors have been employed to ensure facilities are sanitized and kept clean.
    · Sanitations stations have been placed throughout our campus and students will be encouraged to wash hands frequently.
    · The installation of shade structures that will allow for outdoor lunch spaces. 
    · New air purifiers have been placed in each classroom and offices. The devices apply an extra level of filtering to keep air in our buildings cleaner and fresher.
    · Touchless sanitizers, hand-washing stations, masks, and enhanced cleaning processes have been added to ensure our campuses remain safe.
    · New furniture with anti-microbial tops will replace all classroom furniture to enhance the student’s experience and safety. This project is in process and expected to be completed in October. 
    · Individual desk shields are available for every student in the district. Desk shields will be optional and available for all students who desire to have one on their desk throughout the day.
    · Prior to arriving at school, parents will be asked to complete a self assessment for COVID-19 symptoms at home. Thermometers will be provided to each family. 
    Are masks required of all students?
    Yes. Students must wear their masks when entering and exiting the school grounds and when inside classrooms or office spaces. Students must also wear them when they are going to the cafeteria, but may remove them when they are at a table. Masks are optional when students are at recess or participating in physical education (PE) outside.
    Students with medical exemptions must provide the exemption from a doctor in advance of entering the campus. Health Services staff will verify the exemption to ensure it meets the criteria for a valid exemption. Those with exemptions will be required to use a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge. Additional information on masking can be obtained from the California Department of Public Health at the following address: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/Schools-FAQ.aspx
    Is social distancing still required?
    Physical distancing in no longer required, but students will be encouraged to physically distance themselves as much as possible, as appropriate.
    Is there an alternative to my child attending in person this year?
    Yes. The District’s Independent Study program is available for all students this year. This program requires each student to work from home independently with some teacher/staff support. If you would like more information on this program, please contact Mr. Aguilera, Vice Principal, at 760-352-3571.
    What if my child needs to be quarantined, or if the whole class or school needs to be quarantined?
    Each situation is unique. If a student, class or school needs to be quarantined, you will be notified via phone call as soon as it is determined by local health officials that quarantine is required. Specific directions will be provided and every effort will be made to ensure a continuity of learning. It is imperative that you provide the best phone number to the school at the time of enrollment.
    Additionally, each child will be issued an Ipad which will allow for a move to remote learning if required, once again, based on the uniqueness and length of the quarantine requirements.
    Will meals be provided?
    Yes! Both breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to all students who wish to have one. Students are also free to bring their own meals with them. You can find our schools breakfast and lunch menus online. 
    Will I be able to volunteer in my child’s classroom or as part of the PTO/PTA?
    The health and well being of our students and staff is of upmost importance. Therefore, volunteers will not be allowed on campus at the present time. We encourage parents to have active communication with their child's teacher to continue parent involvement.