Seeley School is part of one of the country's most innovative and successful programs, MESA. MESA works with thousands of students so they excel in math and science and graduate with math-based degrees.

    The MESA program assists students at Seeley School so they excel in math and science and become competitively eligible for academically rigorous colleges and universities. The MESA program partners with teachers, administrators, school district officials, schools and industry representatives to provide quality academic enrichment. Student selection and services are implemented through a collaboration involving teachers at participating schools and personnel from local MESA centers.

    The MESA program (http://www.ivmesaprogram.org) offers:
    • Individual Academic Plans - The plans help monitor individual student progress toward college.
    • Study Skills Training - Students learn the most effective study techniques for academic achievement.
    • MESA Day Academies - Hands-on math and science competitions give students a chance to meet like-minded students and vie for awards. Students follow MESA-developed curriculum that reinforce California state math and science content standards. Top winners of local competitions advance to regional and, in some instances, national contests.
    • Career and College Exploration - Guest speakers and field trips present various college and career options.
    • Incentive Awards - Outstanding student achievement and leadership is recognized.
    • Parent Leadership Development - Parents learn how to become effective advocates for their children's academic success.
    • MESA Periods - Some schools schedule MESA activities after school or at lunch.
    • Teacher Professional Development Opportunities - Institutes are offered for MESA Advisors featuring hands-on curriculum and new techniques to teach math and science. The institutes are geared especially for educators who work in schools with limited resources.