• Enroll a Student

    The following forms and items are needed to enroll a new student.  Proof of Birth can be a birth certificate, passport, or baptismal certificate. Two documents are needed for residency verification such as a utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement. 

    Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten:
    Kindergarten Checklist
    Student Registration Form
    Enrollment Information and Medical History
    Migrant Eligibility Questionnaire
    Student Emergency Card
    Proof of Birth
    Copy of Immunization Records
    Residency Verification
    Physical Exam
    Oral Health Assessment

    Lunch Policy Explained
    Request for Cumulative Record (Only if transferring from another district)

    First through Eighth Grade: 
    1st-8th Grade Checklist
    Student Registration Form
    Enrollment Information
    Home Language Survey
    Emergency Card
    Migrant Education Survey
    Proof of Birth
    Immunization Record
    Residency Verification
    Request for "Cumulative record" from the previous school
    Mailing Address
    Lunch Application and Policy
    Special Support Services