• Fun Facts
    Please note that the information is taken from school board minutes and attendance registers. Unfortunately, some records have been lost. We cannot locate records from pre-1927 or 1953 to 1959.
    1905 Elder School: September 4th, the first day of school. The earliest records on file, Mabel Johnson was a teacher. The youngest student was Frank Gullet, age five in first grade. The oldest student was Harry Fuller, age seventeen in eight grade.
    1907 Elder School: 16 students enrolled: Ula Fuller, Mabel Gullett, Enoch Gullett, Eva Fuller, Charlie Ballard, Rena Elliot, George Gullett, Rosy Miller, Mabel Stratton, Clyde Stratton, Oliver Gullett, Arthur Honaker, Lois Thornquest, and Bill Gullett. Teacher Ernest Thonquest.
    1909 Elder School:Teacher reports that there are now 26 books in the library.
    1912 Seeley Union School District formed on February 7, 1912 - name of school changed to Seeley School.
    1915 Records show that Ada Dunagon, Teacher of grades 1- 4 has 49 students of which 7 are retained, 33 are promoted and 9 left during the year
    1916 School has $4.00 cash on hand. Of all 5th-8th grade students, 4 are promoted, 6 are retained, and 1, "might be promoted on trial after his poetry is mastered."
    1918 School closed from October 14, 1918 to January 2nd, 1919 due to "Epidemic."
    1923 From list of rules - "Children coming to school in carts, buggies, car or other conveyances must keep other children out of them." School lunches served and cost 12 cents.
    1927 Florence School District consolidates with SUSD. Meeting held to consider bids on selling Florence School Property and Buildings - Sold to Mr. Pool for $841.
    1929 Board decides to "git 1/2 cord of wood to finish term of school." Mr. Womack hired as janitor and bus driver at $100/month plus house rent.
    1930 Principal salary set at $100 per month.
    1931 Board votes to require that all teachers must live in the district.
    1932 Enrollment at 110 - Board hires additional teacher, making 3 total. Set principal salary at $1600/year, teacher salaries at $1,300/year, janitor $935/year.
    1933 Board holds special meeting to discuss budget and teacher salaries, decides to pay So Cal Disinfecting $1.30 for soap. Teachers voluntarily take $50 per year cut in their salary.
    1937 Board approves purchase of 100 trees to be placed around new lot (some are still here around the playground and kindergarten area).
    1938 Enrollment at 78.
    1940 Board votes to sign up for power and lights with the irrigation district. "Mr. Henselmeier (principal) was authorized to purchase certain books and supplies which he reported was very much needed because the school was behind. Most of the pupils were behind particularly in arithmetic."
    1941 Board meeting minutes - "Mr. Henselmeier and Mrs. York (teacher) were both present and after each had aired their differences, the same were discussed by them and the board and the matter was ordered to be forgotten." (no word on what their "differences" were). Board approves installation of "ceptic tank system" for $200.
    1942 First phone installed in janitor's house for use by the school. Board directs janitor to repaint the outhouses.
    1943 Board votes to set up a "Victory Tax Fund." Salaries - Teachers $1,750 per year, Janitor $1,200 per year.
    1945 Elm School District consolidates with SUSD, which was located 2.5 miles east, 1 mi. north of Seeley School. School and property sold for $1,205 to John Christianson.
    1948 Purchased 24 lots (5 acres) from Norman and Elizabeth Pearce for $8,000. District wins bond election by a vote of 31-2 for $25,000 to build new school.
    1949 April 7th, enrollment hits 222. New teachers hired at $2,800/year, Principal pay raised to $3,500/year plus gas and oil.
    1950 The salary for the school secretary was fixed at $35 per month. Bids to build the new Seeley School are read with L.P. Sherer the low bidder at $266,380.
    1951 Rent for school-owned houses rented by employees set at $40 per month. Dedication of new buildings held.
    1952 Board authorizes that Kindergarten to begin with 1953-54 school year. Typewriter purchased, first typed board minutes.
    1953 34 students enroll for first Kindergarten. A review of the budget showed the district had $405.61 on hand with "many bills awaiting payment."
    1959 Board authorizes that "the paddle may be used in severe discipline cases." Teacher salary schedule range - $4,300 to $7,400 per year.
    1962 First day of school attendance at 309.
    1964 Board approves resolution to unify with Imperial Unified School District (as does Westside School District) - goes to district wide election for approval - vote fails, Seeley stays independent, Westside unifies with Imperial USD.
    1965 Seeley wins second place trophy in El Centro Christmas Parade. Air conditioners are installed. Teacher Salary Schedule range $4,900 to $10,350 per year. Enrollment 489 - average class size K-8, 32.8.
    1966 Awarded bid of $166,310 to build addition to school - Rooms 10, 11, and the Library. Numerous unification meetings held with Central Union High School District. "Hair cuts for boys and dresses for girls" - Superintendent reports. Board unanimously passes rule that "Mohawk hair cuts be not allowed at school."
    1967 Began participation in the Free Lunch Program - full cost lunches 30 cents. Band Program started - Robert Reichert band teacher.
    1968 Teachers' Salary Schedule range $5,500 to $11,800 per year. School property expands upon purchase of the "McKinsey Property" for $2,500.
    1969 Purchased Lot 6, block two of Crabtree addition from Pearl McKinny.
    1971 Library named Ema Etnire Memorial Library for her dedication to the library and school.
    1973 Resolution sent to NAF Commanding Officer asking that flight patterns be rerouted so as "not to interfere with the quiet enjoyment." Substitute teacher pay raised to $28 per day. Enrollment at 432. Adopted resolution allowing corporal punishment but prohibiting "striking him on the head or boxing his ear."
    1974 Teachers' Salary Schedule range $8,728 to $16,004 per year.
    1975 Restroom installed in cafeteria storage room at a cost of $1,800.
    1976 Accepted the Seeley Park from the Board of Supervisors.
    1977 School band, under direction of Bob Walker, wins 1st place in the annual Carrot Parade in Holtville.
    1978 Storage room adjacent to office is built. District conveys Seeley Park ownership to Seeley County Water District.
    1979 Joyce Gray appointed band director. Teacher salary Schedule range $11,222 to $20,469 per year.
    1980 Board awards "barbeque pit" contract to Art Valencia.
    1981 Board pays $850 for band uniforms. School closed for one day due to plumbing problems.
    1983 Enrollment is 402. Band room construction begins at a cost of $141,800.
    1984 Board nominates Joyce Gray for Outstanding Contribution to Educational Excellence in Imperial County Award.
    1985 School now owns 23 computers.
    1986 Seeley School selected for a Distinguished School Award for Imperial County. Corporal punishment abolished.
    1987 Enrollment 410. Seeley Valley Apartments opens.
    1988 New portable classrooms installed - R-2,D-2.
    1989 Full price lunches raised to 75 cents, 40 cents for reduced, $2 for adults. Purchased first computer capable of "going on-line."
    1991 First day enrollment at 494.
    1992 Naval Air Facility - El Centro adopts Seeley School. Board denies Imperial Unified's request that SUSD redistrict our area of influence so 8th grade graduates can attend Imperial High School.
    1993 Christmas dance held - Boys must wear ties and girls must wear dresses. Third grade classes held a food drive and donated food to Catholic Charities.
    1994 The school's eighth graders took second place in the county wide math competition.
    1996 Participation in School Breakfast program begins. Participation in Class-Size Reduction Program for grade 1 and 2 approved, with the hiring of 3 additional teachers and four portable classrooms. Parent support of school uniforms at 91% - approved for 97/98.
    1997 Teacher Diane Lyon selected as Imperial County Teacher of the Year.
    1999 New teacher workroom portable building installed. District holds bond election to provide funds for modernization - Fails.
    2000 New playground equipment and shade covers installed. Portable restroom building installed on playground.
    2001 All underground plumbing replaced at cost of $248,500.
    2002 District receives grant to upgrade electrical and replace all air conditioning units at cost of approximately $400,000. Start of school delayed one week due to ongoing construction at the school.
    2003 School modernization project awarded to Doblado Construction with low bid of $1,570,587. Title I/GATE Teacher Susan Rapp selected as Imperial County Teacher of the Year. District receives READING FIRST grant award to improve reading instruction.
    2004 District notified of developers' plans to build 381 homes and 288 apartments in the District. District commits to opening a Family Resource Center, partnering with ICOE - 2 classrooms (16,17) remodeled at cost of $50,000.
    2007 Completed construction of 16 new classrooms and expanded office complex.
    2008 Superintendent Jon LeDoux named Imperial County/San Diego Counties ACSA Administrator of the Year. School Board renames the band room "The Joyce Gray Arts and Music Center" for her 40+ years of service to the District.
    2009 Schools nationwide face extreme cuts due to a decline in the economy.
    2016 The community of Seeley successfully passes a $6,000,000 General Obligation Bond for the construction of a gym. 
    2017 Construction of gym begins in April. Joyce Gray retires (again) as Band Director after 50 years of service. Jesus Navarro, Transportation/Maintenance Supervisor, named Imperial County Classified Employee of the Year.